Gay Guys with Big Dicks

‘Straight To Gay’ bring us hunky truckers on the road in this new series filmed by, and in this first episode we see exclusive to this star, Colby Jansen showing the ropes, and everything else to a very lucky, and handsome young man.
Dario Beck is a Spanish newbie to, but not new to the gay porn industry and has a remarkable 74K followers on his Twitter page. Dario is six foot tall with brown hair everywhere and he has soft and gentle brown eyes. He has an eight inch uncut dick and is an eager bottom that gets fucked anywhere, and everywhere.
This brand new gay guys serie starts off with Colby Jansen teaching the new guy, Dario Beck, what it means to be a truck driver a long way from home without the wife. He tells him how to speak to people, and also how to behave in rest stops with other man. Dario doesn’t quite understand what Colby is trying to tell him, so Colby decides to show him by kissing him full on the lips. Dario moves away for a second but the taste of Colby’s moist lips crushing against his is enough for any man to change their mind with their big dicks.
Dario kisses him back and strokes his powerful thighs just below his growing cock. Colby then shows him what he should do next as he undoes his pants and pulls out his thick hard dick. Dario’s brown eyes light up as he holds it in the palm of his hand, his mouth drools and as he looks at the thick blue line running down Colby’s dick, he moves forward and sucks hungrily on Colby’s cock. Colby tells him to stick his tongue out and slaps his dick all over his tongue and back into his lips. Click here for more gay guys with big dicks

Betting On The Str8 Guy Part 3

Imagine you work away from home, you are in a hotel room when a very sexy and handsome guy knocks on you door by mistake. This is what happens to Dennis West when Wesley Woods turns up, and this website are there to film everything that happens when somebody goes from being ‘Str8 To Gay.’
Dennis enjoys getting away from home, from the wife and the screaming kids, from his boring mundane life, and even though he is straight, he knows he will always find a cute young man to blow him off. In this episode, he answers the door in just his dressing gown when Wesley Woods knocks on his door by mistake, his room is next door. He leaves, but comes back later as he doesn’t know anyone, and he is looking for company. They sit on the bed talking when Dennis’s thick eight and a half inch cock slips out from underneath his gown.
Wesley can’t take his eyes off of Dennis’s cock and is soon bent over giving Dennis a much needed blow job. Dennis sighs with a deep pleasure as Wesley licks his dick all over, and then carries on sucking his rock hard dick until Dennis wants something a bit tighter.
Wesley lies down on his side as Dennis spreads his legs open and plunges his dick right up into Wesley’s super tight asshole. Wesley moans and groans with excitement as Dennis thrusts his hips back and forth as he fucks him deep and hard. Wesley looks up into Dennis’s sexy blue eyes and lets out another groan as he strokes on his seven inch dick at the same time as he gets his asshole drilled.